Friday, February 25, 2011

Testing the New Flies

If you've been following my blog I'm sure you know about the ponds at my work. Well this post is about a different pond. There are about 6 ponds with in 2 miles of my house. I tried one I have never fished before. Seemed like a great time to try the new flies I tied. There was a guy spin fishing and when I asked if he caught anything his answer was "not yet." The conditions did look promising. I saw some activity in the corner of the pond and there was something in the shadows I couldn't make out. The swans were giving it fits. When I walked closer I realized it was a muskrat.It looked to be eating the same thing the swans were but paying a price. There were actually two and one swan had enough and chased a muskrat out of the water. I made several casts and on my second I swore I felt a hit. I continued to work around a drain pipe and while I fiddled with my line I noticed tension. I lifted the rod and an unmistakable flash came to the surface. I thought it was a small bass but when I brought it to hand I saw that it was a bluegill. One of the biggest I have caught in awhile.That was my only fish but not even a stones throw was another pond. The wind had made one side of the pond a layer of leaves. Behind me was a steep hillside. It was a great casting challenge. Cast up the angle of the hill then far enough out over the leaves. With in about 5 casts I had a little bass. I was thrilled to know that my fly indeed works. The bass seemed to be stationed in the sun and sheltered from the wind. The guy who was spin casting came over and politely asked if he could join me. I told him where the fish were in a few casts he had a fish on. I had to leave to get back to work but it was a lunch well spent. I'll probably visit these ponds more when the weather gets warmer.

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  1. that's a nice bluegill! Esp. for winter! And I'm impressed that you got that close to the muskrat for a picture! COOl! :) The swans - those things can be down-right mean to animals and people too! My wife once "teased" one as if she had food in her hands. It came up on shore, spread it's wings and went after her when it found out she didn't have anything to give! :) LOL