Monday, February 21, 2011

Small Creek Rod

I have been looking for a rod to fish small creeks for quite awhile. I wanted something short with the ability to cast in rhododendron choked streams. A week ago some friends had a get together and we were talking about various rods. Cabelas Custom Glass rods became a topic of discussion. The consensus was there is little known about them but from the specs and options they seem to be decent rods. The best part is the price. I looked them up on line the next day and I saw one of the rods is a 5'9 3wt. That rod might be flimsy but I like the length. I pulled the trigger and the rod is in the mail to me this week. I think it will be great for tiny wild trout streams. It should be perfect for the small warm water creeks and river that are local. Seems like a perfect bluegill rod. I'll do a full review once I have it.

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