Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Toy

The Cabelas Custom Glass rod arrived today. The case it came in was pretty neat.

I quickly opened the case and assembled the rod. The quality of the rod looks very good. The wraps and finish is great. The rod has an interesting feel. The bottom half is firm and the top half is flimsy. I'm interested to see how this thing casts. I'm hoping to do a video review later in the week. The thing that puzzled me was where the sections connect together. The rods I'm an used to have a male and female end. The male end is usually totally concealed when the peices are fit together. With this rod there is no way to totally cover the male end. I'm not sure if that is by design or all glass rods are this way.

My first impression of the rod is it is definitely worth the $99 price tag. Everything looks clean and well made. Cabela's might have a huge winner on their hands.It's going to be fun to see how delicate this rod can cast. For my tests I'm going to throw 5 different flies. A dry, bugger, weighted fly, popper, and something in between a steamer and popper. It would be great to get a gill or bass on some of these casts to see how well the rod flexes under pressure.


  1. The ferrule is by design. It's just a different style. Don't know if all glass is like that, but my Winston IM6, a graphite rod, is configured in this manner as well.

  2. My new TFO Clouser is the same way with the ferrules. It's graphite.

    To make it worse they painted the male part gray, which contrasts against the rest of the blue rod. So I have a blue rod with three gray stripes.

  3. I can see how that would look strange, these are painted black and it actually doesn't look weird with the green. I guess the rod is made that way so if it flexes or warps with temperature change you can still get the pieces apart.

  4. Great rod you picked up there!

    Great blog! I just started following!