Monday, February 14, 2011

New Hope Creek

I tried to make the best of the first weekend over 60 degrees by exploring new water. I have heard about New Hope Creek but never fished it. I have been hunting chain pickerel for awhile and from what I've heard New Hope is full of them. I spread the word of my plan and it wasn't long until I had a small band of fly fishers to share my adventure. I had no idea really where the water was or how to get there. I was given directions from a friend but I wasn't given a map or pointed to a particular spot. The directions were good enough and in no time my we were at the trail head. After about a half mile hike we got our first glimpse of the creek. There's something about seeing new water that gives you an adrenaline rush. The opportunities are endless and every knew experience is like a gift. My eagerness was subdued some by the steep trail we had to navigate to get down. There was some some rock hopping but we made it to the waters edge. The creek was clear and was the color of limestone. There was a newcomer with us and I offered him first cast. He passed and as I stepped into the creek I saw a shadow bolt into deeper water. At least I knew there was fish here. I cast my trusty white wooly bugger under a tree and I could have sworn I saw a swirl around my fly. I jerked the rod but nothing was at the other end. My next few casts yeilded no results either. We split up into groups of two.The thing you couldn't help but notice was how scenic the creek was. The feel of it was similar to the Eno River but set in a canyon with features like a mtn stream. The wading was fairly easy and there seemed to be structure set in perfect places for fish to hold.Even with all these great lies there was no sign of fish. The fisherhman I was with had a thermometer and I almost thought about packing up and leaving when he told me the reading. "Looks like it's 40degrees". I couldn't beleive it was that cold. No wonder there seemed to be no sign of life. I turned my attention into looking for deep holes where maybe all the fish were sitting. There was a nice one that had a family playing at the top of the pool.
There were quite a few people near this creek as apposed to the Eno where you might see one person all day. We saw several families and people walking dogs. I'm not sure if there is always this much traffic, it could have been others getting out and enjoying the warm weather. Its been months since it has been this warm. The person I was with was new to fly fishing and he had asked me for some casting advice. I have a hard time instructing people on how to do things. I've learned mostly everything I know from just trial and error. Whenever I want to learn something I first just watch someone do it over and over. Then I try to copy it. Eventually I figure out a way between what they are doing and what works for me. My main advice for this person was practice. I tried showing him how to regain control of line using a double haul. But while I was showing him I thought to myself this is way too advanced. It took me about a year to do that properly. Eventually I just kept finding myself saying practice, practice, over and over.He was a really nice guy and took the advice at face value. I'm sure he and I will fish more. It's hard to fish with someone and not come away friends. That's part of the reason I enjoy fishing so much. It's also the times in between. Where you are walking from one spot to another just enjoying the little things. How the leaves are falling off a tree, analyzing a interesting looking fungus, watching bugs flutter around a rock or just admiring the shadows and how they lay across the trail.The only word I can use to describe it is entertaining. I'm constantly interested and amused by what I see while fishing. I'm hardly ever bored. There's always something around the next eddy that will keep the day going and make you want to stay for just one more cast.


  1. Great read Kev... looks like a tight little area to teach the double haul.... Looks tight period
    but fun... smallies in there?

  2. Biggerfish, No smallies but there are carp, LM, crappie, bream, Chain Pickerel, Gar, catfish and I think maybe some white bass when they are running.

  3. I fished it last Sept. and caught LOTS of small bass (large mouth) and about 6 pickerel - one being about 20" long. All on a white bugger VERY slow retrieved on the bottom. One of my new favorite spots.

    Chet Johns

  4. Bigerrfish, that looks mighty wide-open to me! :) Well, maybe not for D-hauling I

    Nice post. I can't help but notice you caught a picture of Amadaeus' shadow there at the end. I thought that dude was dead. Nice work!

  5. Nice writeup Kevin, I have a couple of spots I go to every now and then on that creek but havent been in 2 years....nice pictures also..Mack