Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Great Rod/Reel Combo For Under $150

I wish I could say I got all of this stuff at a discount or for free because my blog is so awesome. There was a time I had delusions of grandeur that if I could give exposure to certain products I'd start getting them for free. That never happened and I do a lot of research trying to find the best deals for quality fly gear. That's where this post comes in. 

I heard of The Angler's Roost several times from friends. Their website looked a little suspect and it seemed like most of the business was done via ebay. A buddy bought a rod from them and after raving about it I decided to give them a try. I had been looking for a nymphing specific rod for quite some time. This style rod needed to be at least 10ft long and be light enough that I'd feel subtle takes. The first rod I ordered was a 12ft 2/3wt. The rod looked great but I knew when I could almost touch my front door from my back door that it was too long. I'd never fish it. The owner of Anglers Roost was great about letting me exchange the rod for a 10ft 3/4wt peice. The rods come with an extra tip and I was a little confused about what that meant at first and wondered about quality if an extra tip is needed. When I received the rod it came in a sock and was shipped in a tube that could easily double as a rod case. 
The quality of the rod was a lot better than I expected. I realized the extra tip was actually a extra tip section. The handle looked very nice and I like the decorative designs on the lock rings.
The wraps look good and the color is great. 
Overall this is a killer rod for $99.

The first time I tried this rod was on a wild stream and I paired it with a Piscifun reel. I already own the 5/6 version but I also bought the 3/4 model. It balanced the rod great and looks sharp with the rod.

The line in the picture is the $10 fly line I've mentioned in other posts before. You can see the fish don't care that the line is white. The whole combo is under $150.

Monday, January 18, 2016

High Water

We have gotten so much rain I was able to launch from what would normally be a walking pier this weekend. You can see the barely visible waist high poles in the beginning.