Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bass Bite in the Winter

I don't really get it but I decided to try fishing another pond even though the weather was in the 40's. This pond had no sign of life what so ever and the water was dark and clear. I decided to fish with the trusty white wooly bugger and on my 3rd cast fooled this guy.This fish is almost the exact same size as the one I caught yesterday. The coloring is a little better and the fish looked pretty healthy. It gave a decent fight too. I've never had this good of luck in early winter, hopefully it continues.


  1. Wow - Bass in winter. I wish I could find some! I'll probably head out for some (stocked) trout this weekend just to get out a little.

  2. dude you just may be on to something with that white bugger.. Props to hookin up with the warm water fish when it cant be all that warm.

  3. A white Wooly has been one of my most productive flies. I usually tie it or buy it with a little flash tied in and a gold bead head. I've caught all kinds of fish on it. White bass, Largemouth, crappie, bluegill, trout and others I can't remember.