Monday, October 27, 2014

If Disney Would Only Make A Fly Fishing Movie

It's really amazing how influential Disney movies are to kids. If you have never heard of the move Frozen you probably are in total isolation or you don't know anyone with kids. This movie is like heroin for any child, especially a girl under the age of 6. After just watching the movie once my laptop was no longer mine. It was now a machine with the main purpose of finding Frozen songs. I don't even dare to say the phrase "let it go" in my house out of fear my wife or daughter will burst out into song. What's crazy is how kids view the main characters of this movie. The one who has all the powers is cool and the one who's trying to save her from turning bad is kind of meh. If Disney would only make a fly fishing movie. Share the problems of development and how it affects wildlife that would be huge. Make a brook trout the main character and show how sediment is affecting the habitat. Have a hellbender be something all the animals are scared of but some how saves the day at the end. Show how a clean stream allows the insects to thrive and how it ties into the ecosystem. I think a movie like this would be more beneficial to children in the long run. A lot better then teaching them there isn't much more to life than singing songs and being a princess.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Love PlanetTrout

Besides my family and friends in California the one thing I really miss is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I grew up camping and fishing in the streams that were fed by glaciers in these mountains. The memories are some of my fondest. I've been trying to get back to at least visit this place for years. In the meantime I've lived vicariously through blogposts and youtube videos. Many are painful to watch. Not because of the content. Mainly because of how bad they make me miss this place. Kind of like running into your ex with her new significant other. It stings a little and all the memories and good times flashback. Some are so vivid you can almost feel as you're reliving the moments. The blog that has given me this feeling the most is PlanetTrout. The author not only is a great fly tier and fisherman but also does the Sierra's justice with his photos. It's torture to read it at times because it makes me want to jump on a plane and fly out to Bishop tomorrow. Until that time comes I'll have to keep enjoying the adventures from afar.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nice Way To Start Fall

Hit a DH with my mother today and had a great time. I caught the usual average stocked trout.
It was fitting that my mom caught the biggest fish of the day.