Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bass Are Getting Active

I got a chance to get out yesterday and fish the ponds by work. The bass were in the shallows. It looked like they were looking for spawning territory rather than getting warm. I caught a few on a fly I recently tied. The fly has olive green dubbing, rubber legs and a rabbit tail. I used dumbbell eyes to weight it down but I honestly think the fly would work even better with lead wraps under the dubbing. Either way the bass didn't seem to mind.There is a lake nearby that has some big fish in it. I think I will focus on this place next. A friend showed a pic of a 3lb bass he caught on a crank bait and he boasted about catching an 8lb plus before. Big fish could easily be in this lake but the water visibility is so poor I don't really see how big fish would feed. The fun will be finding out.

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