Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Blue Gill Video of All Things

I have several youtube videos of me catching various fish. Stripers, Carp, trout, but none of them have had the interest as this one. A couple summers ago I filmed me fly fishing a small pond for bluegill. It was just kind of the perfect scenario. A warm summer afternoon, calm water, blue bird skies and ravenous gills. I managed to catch 3 fish on 3 consecutive casts which is no big deal really when bluegill fishing. I figured no one would even care when I posted it on youtube. After a month, I received a comment. Then a few more. Then I started to really monitor the traffic and in the videos 6 month after posting the views had sky rocketed to over 1500. It made me happy to see people just love bluegill fishing. It is really a type of fishing that gets you in touch with your childhood since these fish are usually the first to bend a rod. I checked today and there were over 3000 views and the traffic is still going steady. The love for the gill lives on and I think fly fishing for them is becoming more popular.

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