Monday, March 2, 2009

Time to do some shaddin'

The last few years I've tried for some shad and came up short. I never did go to Weldon and try the Roanoke, which is supposed to be a sure thing for shad. I finally have a friend that has a good boat and think I learned some from last year to get me to some good spots. I'm optomistic but still don't expect much. I hope to catch one this year. I'm going to try to hit some places near Raleigh, not this weekend but next weekend. We had some snow today, but the weather is going to warm up this weekend. Hopefully that will get the fish running.

I haven't fished much at all. I was contacted recently about someone interested in learning to fly fish, so I jumped at the chance to wet a line and took them for lesson at a pond near my house. It was really cold and the fishing was the same. It was nice to get outside and enjoy just casting and the company of a fellow fishing enthusiast. I want to get up to the mtns to get some trout. My buddy Tommy gave me the alert he needs to escape. I'm sure a report will be in the near future.

My daughter is my new obsession. All of my free time is devoted to her and I don't regret a minute of it. Nothing can replace the joy of a daughters smile at her father.