Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trout and Good Luck

Last weekend was my first trout trip of fall. With the high barely reaching 60 it didn't feel like fall. I caught several fish mostly on soft hackles. The Piscifun reel worked great.
While fishing I dropped my camera in the water and didn't pull up my sleeve far enough when I tried to retrieve it. My sleeve was soaked and even after several attempts to squeeze the water out it stayed wet. I tried to block that arm from the wind the best I could but after about an hour I couldn't take it anymore, I was freezing. I got back to the car all I could think about is getting inside and starting the heater and drying off. The reel was hard to unseat with my cold hands. It finally gave way and popped off the rod. As I saw it fall I didn't want it to hit the ground so I put my boot under it. The reel bounced off the boot and slid under the car. It was just out of reach and I figured I would get it after I removed my waders. Nature called once my gear was off and after relieving myself I totally forgot about the reel. I didn't notice the reel was gone until I got home. I sent an email to a friend that lives near the river I fished letting him know about the reel. The odds of him finding it were pretty slim. Then I got this message the next day.

"You must be living right. Went right over after reading your message and found the reel!"


  1. As Winter progresses I will keep a couple chemical hand warmers in my pockets. They aren't much, but better than frozen hands.

  2. Kevin
    Doesn't it make you feel good to know there are still honest individuals in this world, especially with all the weird nuts lurking around. That is one quality trout, how were you fishing the hackle? Thanks for sharing

    1. So true Bill, I caught the trout dead drifting the nymph. I have a movie coming soon.

  3. Kevin, if you're not careful people will start calling you Howard. Did you retrieve the camera? I'm happy to hear you got the reel back unless of course your buddy is holding it for ransom. I guess in the end you got a beauty of a chunky rainbow. Good job.

  4. Gorgeous fish, Kevin!!! Glad you were able to get your reel back. I've had similar experiences with both good and bad outcomes.

  5. pretty good !! You have got back our Piscifun fly reel back~