Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quick Bass

I got out for a couple hours on the local lake. The wind was roaring and there was a serious chop on the water. I found a cove protected from the wind and managed a fish.

Caught this bass a few days later.


  1. Now we'll expect videos like this with every post Kevin. Good job.

  2. Nice videos, Kevin. That 2nd bass was really nice!!

    1. Thanks Justin, It was a great fish. Probably around 3lbs.

  3. Kevin
    Great footage, brings back the days when I use to fish the tournament trails for bass with the spinning reels. I got to do some filming as soon as it cools off on the tailrace. That helmet is hot even when it is in the 80.s ---thanks for sharing

  4. Cool release shot. My first kayak was a native ult, really liked that boat for fly fishing. Traded it for my cuda...something I can take beyond the breakers.