Sunday, October 4, 2015

Allen Fly Fishing Combo

I've been on the lookout for a new 8wt for quite some time. I really just needed the rod and didn't want to spend over $150. While surfing different deals I kept coming back to Allen Fly Fishing. I tried a couple Allen rods at the last fly fishing show. To be honest I didn't really think they were that special but the price point of their 8wt combo package was too good to pass up. I decided to pull the trigger and give the combo a shot. The Prelude combo included a 8wt reel lined with backing and fly line. With a $150 price tag I didn't expect much but when the rod arrived I was impressed by the case alone. It was very nice and seems like it could handle a lot of punishment. The reel came in a neoprene case and the quality of the rod was fantastic.
The blanks have a beautiful finish. they look black at first glance but as your turn them in the light they have a green sheen to them.
The reel is very light weight and the drag seems very smooth. I've used it a few times and I'm very happy with it. The line seems to be decent. I'm not sure what kind it is but I'd compare it to Scientific Anglers.
When I'm fishing from my kayak I need a rod that can cast big flies effortlessly. This combo fits that solution perfectly. I can cast poppers or large heavy flies with ease. I was using the rod when I caught a decent bass in this video. It's the footage around minute 3 and at the end of the video when you just see me casting. You can tell from the video that it's not taking me much effort to cast near the weeds. If you're looking for a great value in a rod combo I definitely recommend checking out Allen Fly Fishing. Their customer service is very good as well. 

Allen is having another great deal right now. If you buy $250 of Exterus Apparel you can get a Allen Heritage or Alluvian rod free. A $209 value.


  1. Kevin
    I haven't heard of this fly rod, but from what I see in the image it looks like a quality combo. It seen effortless to cast also, where did you have the camera set up in the kayak? Thanks for sharing

    1. The camera is on a pole that's in a rod holder right over my left shoulder. I've been slacking lately writing about the stuff for my kayak. The weather hasn't cooperated and when it is nice I'm fishing more than blogging. I'll get something up soon though.

    2. The rod is super nice. It's probably my favorite next to the St Croix Avid.

  2. Both the combo's I have came from LL Bean, but should the need arise for another, I will definitely give them a better look.

  3. Old school here. The combo looks nice and if you like it...all the better.

  4. I bought two of these and they are amazing. The Allen rep is a friend of mine, and when we go fishing, this is the rod he usually brings along.