Thursday, October 22, 2015

Geekpro Trout Video

This is some video I took on my last trout fishing trip. I apologize for the jerky footage. I'm still trying to figure out a fixed point for the Geekpro Camera. This trip I tried attaching the camera to my wader strap. Later I used the camera on a collapsing pole. Neither setups were ideal.
Let me know what you think of the video. Do you like the music or could you do with out it?


  1. Kevin
    I tried filming from my chest, then from my shoulder, and finally I got a bike helmet at Academy Sports and mounted the camera on the top of the helmet that worked better than the chest and shoulder positions. The head mount produced less shaking. I did have to learn to move my head very slow when filming, but with all that said it is my best method. I tried the music think and decided that my audience like the nature sounds and hearing the splash of water as the fish tires to break free. I also found that I had trouble filming the release of the fish and showing the fish up close using other positions as opposed to the head position. Of course my Coutour is very low profile, but I don't see that as a problem if you decide to go with the head mount. Enjoyed the video some nice trout there you landed.

  2. Kevin
    take a look at this post and see what you think ----a couple of videos I did with the coutour, not perfect but fun filming

    1. I like those videos. I'm a big fan of ambient noise. I enjoy hearing cicadas and birds.

  3. I enjoyed the video Kevin. I'm with Bill, I'm one of those people that enjoy au natural when it comes to sound but you did a nice job.

  4. It's not easy shooting video when you're by yourself. This was a good video. I'm a fan of music and natural sounds, unfortunately, some of the cameras we use do not have good quality audio when in their underwater protective cases, that'y why I add music to mine.

    Lately, I've been using my GoPro to shoot video, which I haven't done when I first got it. I was using it for the still shots, but I've made quite a few videos the past few months. I think a mixture of still shots and short video footage have something for everyone. Check out the one I posted today, the music is probably not for you, but I add music that sets the pace for the video or who I'm fishing with. I use a head strap mount and an extending pole. I've gotten pretty good utilizing both of them.

  5. Nice job on the video. Like Justin said, takes a lot of time to make a video. My only suggestion would be to shorten it down to just a few minutes. But that's just me I get bored quickly...which is why I don't watch much TV.