Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fishing with Carolina Fly

I had a chance to fish with Thomas Harvey who runs Carolina Fly. The goal of today was to find some white bass. Thomas had never caught them locally before and was eager to see what the bass run was all about. He is as good at fly fishing as he is at tying flies. It wasn't long before he had his first Eno white bass.The fish was caught on a bugger that was his own creation, a bugger pattern with a red bead head. The fly worked very well and what's funny is Thomas said it was tied based on what I told him a year ago. Apparently we had talked about fishing the Eno before last year and never got a chance to hook up. He had tied all of these flies in hopes of using them on that trip. I'm glad he still had them because the fish ate them like candy.There was one pool in particular that seemed to be stacked with 12inch or bigger fish. I think these were possibly the largest white bass I have ever caught. We kept just missing them or catching them for over an hour. There would have been more pics but we were busy catching fish. I had to go but Thomas stayed on the water to keep wearing the fish out. It was really productive for such a short time on the water. I think Thomas is addicted and will probably be hitting the Eno a lot more often.


  1. Very nice day out. I still remember 20 years ago when I had my best 3 days ever fishing for those fish. Great times.

  2. Good post... looking forward to reading more. I found your blog today on OBN... I like it and will follow along.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. Hey just found your blog today by following the fly-flishing interest link. Sweet pics. Things up here in Wisconsin are still chillin. Can't wait for some T shirt weather. Look forward to seeing some more pics. I will be following blog. Peace

    If your interested in things up in Wisconsin check out my fishing blog spot:


  4. Kevin, finally got around to checking out the blog...Great stuff. I get down to your neck of the woods a couple times a year. Great place to be!