Friday, March 18, 2011

White Bass

It's about that time. Every spring white bass migrate from a nearby lake to spawn in the waters of the Eno River. Tomorrow I'm hosting a White Bass fishing trip for the Triangle Fly Fishers. I spent the afternoon scouting out locations and spots where fish would be holding. There is one spot in particular that always holds fish. It's not any surprise. The current cuts straight through the middle of the river and creates big eddies on either side. Fish are found in both places. I cast to the right eddy and worked my fly with the usual strips. On my fifth cast I got this guy.It was small male. A promising start for such a short time fishing. I didn't get many hits after that one fish so I worked downstream. I came to a section where a creek entered the water and there was a submerged tree. This river has so many places where fish can lurk. There's so many sections that have great fish habitat. Submerged stumps and trees. Riprap, eddies under trees and around fallen debris. I worked my fly down the incoming creek and along the submerged tree. There was a flash and my pole arched and the fish dove straight down. I thought this was going to be a monster.I've caught bass three times this size that didn't fight as hard. The fish was on a mission. It looked really healthy too. That's what's really great about spring white bass fishing you never quite know what you're going to catch. I kept working my way downstream and eventually came to a section that I knew for sure had to hold something. If not a white bass then a largemouth, crappie, carp, catfish, some fish. After a few casts I saw a silver flash that looked like a hubcap attacking my fly. That's another great thing about white bass, they don't mess around. If they want your fly they are going to get it. When they hit your line jerks hard. There's no mistake that you have a fish on. This was my only female of the day but she put up a great fight.I met up with some friends and no one had an amazing day. The water seemed low but it was still great to be outside. I went back to where I started the day and caught a few more small males. The fly that worked this time was a pink, chartreuse and white clouser that I use for stripers. I don't think white bass are that finicky about fly selection. If it's flashy and swims, I think they'll eat it. I'm hoping I can get the group on some fish tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 70's.

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  1. It was good to meet you out there Kev. Are you free at all early next week? I may make a return trip.