Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gearing up for White Bass

A friend invited me on his boat to chase white bass last weekend. The weather and company was great but the fishing not so much. We worked a good amount of the river with only one bass to show for it. It seemed no one was having a very good day. Except for a couple guys in a canoe. They went way upstream from where everyone was fishing and said they caught 20 or more. I tried a small feeder creek and saw a few small male bass tease my fly. There didn't seem to be any big females up in the creek yet. Or they could have already gone past. Who knows? I'm going to find out this weekend. Some of the other fish are getting aggressive. A river chub attacked a white bugger I was throwing which is a first. It was good enough to get the skunk off for the day. The forecast for this weekend is mid 70's. I'm praying the bass will cooperate.

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