Friday, March 18, 2011

Just How Lazy Are You?

I've been fishing for the last couple days with my line missing a guide. I'm too lazy to re-string it through the guides. I'll probably fix it today. Anyone ever get lazy like that? Fish with a 5ft leader because you're tool lazy to tie on more or switch it out? Or leave a inch long tag end after tying a fly, or a wind knot in your leader?


  1. nope!
    Id rather have a perfect rig sitting there and be too lazy to fish it.

  2. All the time. Especially if it doesn't interrupt the casting. And have had a wind knot break off a fish. Remember, it's a casting knot.

  3. I just read this post and started cracking up. There was once a time I was so lazy I lost my entire leader but continued to fish with only the knot at the end of my fly line....
    needless to say it just didn't work the same....... :)