Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post Hanna and Pre Baby...

Hanna turned out to be just a big tropic storm. It dropped about 5 inches of rain on Raleigh. We didn't get much wind, that's a good thing. All of the trees are still standing around our house. Ike is still heading this way but it looks like the track is sending it off towards Texas. I feel bad for people in its path it has been increased to a Category 4, hurricane.
Now for some good news. It's FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!! My favorite time of year. I'm looking forward to being lazy and eating some buffalo chicken wings this Sunday. Who knows, I might even fish this afternoon.

Baby Gadgets
My mother bought my wife and I a device to hear the babies heart beat. The instruction manual said "we will hear amazing sounds, like the baby moving and heart beat." I've come to the conclusion that this device was made to make the parents of the baby go deaf. First off, don't ever use this device with other people around, you will be laughed at and talked about for months. You'll become that story people tell at Thanksgiving or when other people have kids. This device comes with a baby monitor type thing, a strap that holds it on and two pairs of head phones. Right away just listing those things, nothing about it sounds that high tech. My wife follows the directions and we put on the head phones hoping to hear the same type of heart beat we've heard at the Dr's office. We heard silence, then there was a small grumble. My wife and I looked at each other, then I put my hand on the monitor to push it closer to her stomach. BIG MISTAKE!!! All of a sudden blasting threw my head phones were these loud bass pounding noises. It was like having a front row seat to a thunderstorm being played over some blown out speakers, just loud enough to sound terrible and make you deaf. My wife didn't seem to be bothered by it as much, but I couldn't stand it. She kept moving the monitor without warning, causing me to go into these convulsions of grabbing my ears and yelling. I finally figured this device was made to torture parents. I couldn't take it any more and had to walk away. Kristin kept playing with it for awhile, she never did hear a heartbeat. She put it on her chest and we were both able to hear her hearbeat. Then it hit me, this is just a amplified stethoscope. To give it some credit, it said you can hear the baby from 21weeks-28. Kristin is just starting 21weeks. I still think the device is made by a foreign company who hates americans and wants to deafen the parents of american children. We will most likely try it again in a few weeks.

I realized yesterday, that I don't think I'm going to be into the girly baby clothes like my wife. She gets caught up in things sometimes. An example would be, she see's a really cute dress, I'll admit it was cute. It was for a baby 0-3months. When our baby is that age it is going to be Jan-March in Raleigh. Not really the warmest days for wearing a little dress. My wife seems to think the cuteness of the outfit out weighs the practical use of it. So this can be countered with a cute sweater or jacket.

Does that make any logical sense at all?

If the dress is so cute, why cover it up with a jacket? Then I look and she has like 3 of these dresses in her hand. Then comes the compromise of how much we are spending for these dresses we're going to cover up. I am such a sucker. First I say we have a $10 limit. If you've ever looked at baby clothes you know one thing is almost $10, even on sale. As more time went by she was able to talk me into more things, By the time we got to the counter my $10 limit had been blown away and the register diplayed $32.


  1. The things we will do for our girls. Get used to it.

    I'm sitting in China with a "Barbie" DVD I purchased for my daughter - never thought I'd see the day...

  2. but if the dress is cute....she'll wear it inside!!