Friday, September 5, 2008

Our First Hurricane

Well I knew it would happen eventually, but I was hoping later rather than sooner. I would have to experience a NC hurricane eventually. This is gonna be it. Hanna could turn into just a tropical storm but the latest word is that it's a category 1, with decent enough winds to cause destruction. The track has also headed further inland which means it's heading straight for Raleigh. Things could definately change, Hanna could break apart and just become a tropical storm. To be honest, the storm I'm worried about is the one coming behind Hanna. It's called Ike and from the looks of it, it's Hanna's pissed off big brother. It has a lot more intensity and stronger winds, It was just downgraded to a category 3 today. This thing is coming hard toward the east coast. I will update things as it gets closer plus pics of what's happening. I just got a video camera so I might add some videos too.

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