Monday, September 29, 2008

Pleasant Suprise...

I fished the pond by my house this weekend, not expecting much. We've had a good ammount of rain and the water was high and stained. I saw some interesting things, I haven't seen before while fishing. First off, when I walked to the waters edge, I saw a huge bird dive into the water. It was a osprey. I have never seen them at this pond. I thought it was a fluke thing, but it hung out for awhile, circling the pond and hanging out on trees. I hope it has a nest there. Down by the spillway I also saw a behavior I haven't seen before. There was water running down the spillway from the overflow of the pond. There were small fish trying to swim up the spill way. They would go about 10ft then slide down. I couldn't tell exactly how many there were, but I'd say at least a hundred. I can only imagine the fish are waiting in the deeper water for the fish to get tired. I will probably check it out again on Tuesday. The fishing was great. I first tried using a craw pattern I tied. I had a few hits, but no fish. I switched to an ant pattern. That made a huge difference. I had a hit or fish on almost every cast. None of the fish were huge, they averaged 4-5inches. What they lacked in quality they made up with in quantity. I didn't count how many were caught, but I know it had to be over 20fish. That was in a span of under an hour. I was too lazy to take pictures, honestly none of the fish were really worth taking a picture of. A few I thought about tossing back in still on the line and using for bait. I'm interested to see if that osprey is going to hang around.

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  1. Sometimes a day full of small fish, but large numbers is just what you need. Sounds fun.