Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gonna be a daddy...

I went with my wife today to find out the sex of our new baby. While the nurse was telling us what parts of the baby's anatomy was what, we patiently waited, while inside we were screaming, WHAT'S THE SEX!!!!? Of course the health of the baby is first priority. For the last 3 months we have been probed for info about if we were having a boy or a girl. You're asked all the questions, what's your gut feeling? What do you want? Of course you say you don't care, you just want a healthy baby. Inside though, you really do lean towards one or the other. I have always had a premonition I was going to have a girl. It happened in high school. I can't remember when or what I was doing, but from then on I always felt if I had a child it would be a girl. So I wasn't too suprised when the sonogram focused in and the nurse yelled, "It's a girl." The first feeling was glee, then panic. I know nothing about girls or how they are as little kids. Part of me was excited to experience that. My wife was happy as well, she felt god may give her a boy, just because she wants a girl. I joked with her about it, like god of all people would not want you to be happy? We left the Dr's office high on life and almost too happy to function.

I called my mom on the west coast, it was only 7am there but I knew she'd want to be woken up for this information. She answered the phone at first sounding tired, then I think she realized why I'd be calling and what this call was about. I told her "start thinking about pink stuff." She was in disbelief but I could also hear the emotion and happiness in her voice. This is going to be a new adventure and she was excited to go on it with us. Now begins the obsession with girl baby clothes and outfits. I want to just sit back and watch for awhile, I'm still grasping that I'm going to have a daughter. Will she like fishing? What will she be into? Will she be the tomboy type, willing to camp and bait her own hook? Or will she be those prissy girls, afraid to get her clothes dirty and roll her eyes when you mention the great outdoors. I can't say how I'll react but the anticipation and eagerness to find out those things is overbearing.

There still is a ways to go before January. Kristin and I have a lot to decide on. She'll be finishing her student teaching and we'll really be re-evaluating our lives. Everything will be focused on the baby. The funniest thing is how we both think of how are cat is going to handle this. Our cat has been our baby for over 10yrs. How will she react? The other factors are baby stuff, we already have a new dresser, baby swing, gliding rocker, and we are inheriting a play pen, and crib from Kristin's friend. We feel fortunate to be getting this stuff for free, but feel the cramp of living in a small place. There's also family that is chomping at the bit to fly out and be there the second the baby is born. Our house isn't the most hospitable place. I'm sure all these things will work out.

Right now it's just time to enjoy the new discovery and take in what we're going to have to raise, carefor, support and love for the rest of our lives. A daughter.....

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! My Kristin and I have a little girl too. I was unsure, but it has been great. Other than way too much pink around the house, she has turned into my little fishing buddy. Of course she has a pink fishing vest, pink "princess" fishing pole, and I tie pink flies for her to fish with. But she'll sit with me for hours catching Bluegill on her rod.

    You are in for some great times! Enjoy it.