Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fishin' in San Diego

My cousin sent me some pics from a fishing trip he took recently. The one below I found pretty amazing. Seals aren't afraid of boats but usually they're skiddish of people. This one seems to be really hungry!

Seals always hang around the kelp beds near fishing boats looking for easy meals. I've never seen one hang one while a fish is pulled out of the water. Dan also had some luck with some other species. These pictures really make me miss living near the coast.
I'm supposed to go fishing at lunch today. I'll try to take some pics. If I don't get any. I'll definately try to go out this weekend for some bass at some ponds near my house. There is a little break in the wather and it's only going to be 90 or so. Too friggin hot still if you ask me but better than 100.

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  1. Always wanted to more inshore and offshore fishing, but usually it's just too much $$$. I do try to surf fish whenever we're at the beach, which is not that often. Hope you get after em this weekend. Thank god it's finally cooling off. I live at 3200', so... no AC. It was 86 in the house when I got home yesterday!