Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday on the Eno

Preston and I got together to fish the Eno this Saturday afternoon. We fished a upper section that we had both not been to before. The weather was warm, but tolerable. We hiked down to the water and were greeted with a beautiful view.

The water was super clear and you could see small fish, lingering in all of the small runs and pools. I threw in a little bugger that has some rubber legs. Instantly a little bass hit it. It was too small to take the fly but it was encouraging behaviour that the fish would be aggressive even for the time of day. We hit the water close to 2pm.

Here's Preston assessing the situation. The water was not deep at all this section, so it was a matter of searching for fish without spooking them. Luckily the fish didn't seem to be spooked by people. Many times fish would swim within feet of where I was standing.

Preston couldn't stand it anymore and had to get in the water to start fishing.

He started to wear them out on this section. I don't know how many sunfish he caught but ever time I looked over he was reeling one in. Maybe it was the same one. (Just kiddin preston!) We caught fish throughout the day. We couldn't have asked for better conditions. The sunfish seemed to hit any fly, the bass were a little more finicky. I caught one on a popper and had many denials. This river is great for sight fishing. You can watch the behavior of bass and see how they look at different flies. Many times I had bass almost come up and touch the fly with its lips only to turn and swim away. We found a deep pool where good size bass were swimming everywhere. I caught one on a clouser who took it from me. The fish did something neither Preston or I ever saw before. It kept jumping like it was still on my line. I can only imagine it was trying to get the clouser out of the corner of it's mouth, it jumped several times. We stayed at this pool for awhile since there was obviously fish there and it was shaded. Preston let me borrow a clouser type pattern and I did one of my best casts of the day and hooked what I thought was a pretty good bass. As I got the fish closer, It was too skinny to be a bass, and faught to hard to be a sunfish, it actually looked like a trout or a bowfin. I was hoping to catch a Roanoke bass, that was my goal for today. I finally was able to reel it in and to my suprise

It was a catfsih. I didn't think they were in the Eno. It makes sence, where we were fishing the water was calm and the bottom was sandy and pretty deep. A perfect place for a bullhead to live. Sadly that was my biggest fish of the day. We continued to catch sunfish here and there but as the day got later the fishing seemed to cool off. We decided to call it a day. We had a great time and will definately be coming back. Hopefully with some more TU members.

Nice view on the way

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  1. Nice report. I miss some of the bass streams I used to fish in Ga, they looked alot like the Eno. Instead of hunting Roanoke bass, I was hunting Shoal bass, native to the Chattahoochie basin.