Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun Fishin'

I decided to try out my spinning rod that I haven't messed with since I got it. It was bought to try for some smallies when I went on the mountain trip. I took it to the local pond last night and put on a spinner bait. On my second cast I caught this pig. I guesstimate the fish to be around 5lbs. When it first hit the spinner bait, it hit it so hard I thought I hooked a turtle. It took me awhile to reel it in. I was horsing it to the surface to see what it was. I haven't caught a bass in this lake before so when I finally beached it, I was totally shocked to see it was a huge bass. It was really thick and healthy. It swam away fine after the pictures. The rest of the night was kind of disappointing, I saw the tail of a fish that had to be huge. I think it was a carp. There was lots of surface activity with fish slapping and minnows boiling. I didn't catch too much after that. Just a few bites here and there. I decided to come back the next day. Today, I showed up to the lake with some night crawlers and some new spinner baits. I haven't fished with night crawlers since I was probably in high school. I was hoping to catch a huge catfish. I didn't manage to catch a huge on but I did manage to catch quite a few. Most were between 7-10inches with the occasional 13incher.After catching about 10 or so I tried to move around the lake and change baits. Nothing was working as well as the night crawlers. I caught a few more catfish and a few bluegill then called it a day. It was really fun fishing. I haven't caught so many fish in such short of a time in awhile. This last pic is a catfish that was probably the biggest of the day.

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