Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stressing Before A Fishing Trip

Ok, the picture might be a slight exaggeration. I was already obsessed with checking the weather before I had a kayak. My Native doesn't love the wind so I always have one eye on WindFinder. If you've never checked the site before it's pretty good. I've found it gives accurate wind forecasts for the lakes I usually fish. There is also a free app you can get for your phone. I like the mobile app more than the website.


  1. Pretty cool site Kevin. I could find all the important information I need to know whether today is a good day for fishing Clear Creek!

  2. Kevin
    Daylight and late afternoon is the only time I can escape the wind on the lake or tailrace--this amp will be a big help---thanks for sharing

  3. Interesting application, Kevin. This might come in handy for me, as well.