Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hungry Crappie

I've stopped trying to figure crappie out. Over time I've figured out their patterns at a certain lake. I go there when I think they should be there. It works out most of the time. Today this was the only crappie I caught and it inhaled the fly. So deep the hook was embedded in the gills.
I was able to get the fly out and the fish seemed to stop bleeding before I released it. It swam away fine but I never feel great releasing a fish I question will make it. Crappie are interesting fish. They have the body of a panfish and the mouth of a largemouth. Even though the mouth is quite large it is fragile and you can easily pull a hook free if you lip snag a fish.


  1. Kevin
    I say every year I am going to fish more for crappie, and go a couple of times and strike out. I even invested money in the Bill Dance fish attractors and have landed zero crappie around them. I have yet to land one on the fly, must be special. Thanks for sharing

    1. When they are spawning in the shallows is the only time I've caught them.

  2. I don't remember if I've ever fished for crappie but I sure like the looks of that one Kevin. Nice size and healthy looking.

  3. Crappie are definitely a fish that is either feast or famine. They either bite like crazy or not at all. Even when it is the spawning season, when they should be biting, you can get skunked. However when they are on you can pull them in one after another.

    I have pictures from when I was a kid, fishing with my dad and brother, at Reelfoot Lake and we have a cooler that is completely full of crappie. Between the three of us we landed around 80 that day. (that is what he says, but my guess is that the number grew some over the years) Whatever the number I do remember catching tons of them, sometimes even two at a time even. And I don't mean two of us catching a fish at the same time either. We were using cane poles with a two hook set up and sometimes you really would catch one on each hook.

    Always thought I would one day go back there but never have yet. Probably won't now that I live so far away either.

  4. One of my favorite fish to catch. They're always a nice surprise while out bass fishing. When I do target them, I have a great time, because, I know to be wary of those paper thin mouths that can shake a hook at will. They're a blast! I've always had my best luck in the evening, fishing something chartreuse and slow. They're also highly underrated look wise. They're beautiful fish!