Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recent Ties

Recently I was sent a package from Stu Thompson. He is the originator of Dark Water Dubbing. The dubbing is what was used for the Damcraw fly that I submitted in the Carp Fly Swap. I asked Stu if he could come up with a white that had hints of chartreuse. He sent me a sample and at first I wasn't sure I liked it. The flies tied using the dubbing have a strange look to them. I kept thinking if Yoda had hair this is probably what it would look like.
I've fished these a few times and they work. I've caught catfish, crappie and panfish so far. I think larger ones will work for stripers and bass. I hope to find out shortly.
Carp Aficianado recently had a post about fishing for carp using midges. I took a shot at tying the flies he described. I didn't have any red beads so I tied some using the beads I had.
The flies are basically black thread, gold wire and a bead tied on a size 12 hook. Really easy to tie. Looking forward to testing these out soon.
The buff I ordered came in recently. I should have a review of that up shortly.


  1. Those look like some good flies. I've been tying a bunch of those midges, as well. I know for a fact the panfish will love them, but I would be stoked if a carp took it!

  2. Carp eaat tiny midges as well as the larger ones here. Nice looking flies and I like the dubbing.


  3. Those are money, Kevin. Carp will readily slurp those right up as Gregg says. Really effective on stillwater carp that are ultra-wary and won't tolerate big flies.

  4. Great looking ties. The carp on a midge should be a gas.

  5. Justin C, I can't wait to use them. Finding carp hasn't been that easy this year.

    Gregg, these are nothing like the the caliber of fly you tie but I appreciate the comment.

    CA,I hope so. I need a good carp fix. I think it's been quite awhile since I hooked a common.

    Trail The Outdoors, thanks for the comment I'm hoping to find out soon.

  6. Hey Kevin, those are some really great looking flies. That Damcraw looks great.