Friday, May 20, 2011

They Were Hungry Today

The bass were really hungry today. The fishing was quick and nasty. Usually when you fish you hook the fish far out away from you and reel it in. This was the opposite. Many fish were hooked within feet of the bank. Then they'd take off to deeper water. They also were more active when fighting. Jumping several times and making runs for structure. The fish were long but not very fat.
Most of the strikes came on a popper fished close to shore. They seemed to like a certain retrieve. I've noticed when fishing for bass at this particular place the closer you can cast to the bank the better. There seemed to be one or two bass every six feet. When they hit it was to destroy.
What I found today was they wanted nothing to do with the sunny side of the lake. All the bass were hunkering down on the shady side. There were places where there was only shade because of a tree on the bank. Sure enough bass would be hiding out in the outline of the shade. Waiting to ambush anything going by. What's great about this lake is it teaches you a lot about bass behavior. Which seems to be different every time I visit.


  1. Nice looking fish. Some great tips. Dig the new header. Tight Lines.

  2. awesome job kev! I like the new header too!

  3. Very nice photos! Congrats on the catch. It's about time for me to start chasing some river bass here in GA.

  4. Kev, I pretty much always fish the shady edges, and under trees and cut banks is the best. Glad it's working for you.