Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh What a Night

Tonight was one of those times I live for as a fly fisherman. There is a local pond that at certain times of the year gets ridiculous. Tonight was one of those times. When I arrived I saw some fish activity on the surface but didn't get my hopes up. On my first cast I had a hit and the fish fought hard then came off. On my next cast I hooked up again this fish came to hand. I kept getting hits or catching fish and I ran across a bed of monster sunfish. I think they were spawning. I couldn't get them to hit anything. I tried after them for about 30min which is probably 20min longer than I should have. I eventually went back to bass fishing and tied on a crawfish color bass bandit. The action then went crazy. The fish weren't just hitting this fly they were annihilating it. I stopped reaching for the pliers and just kept them in my pocket because every fish was hooked like this.Sorry about the crappy pic it was with my camera phone. My friend showed up and he decided to try his luck on top water. Once he made his way over to where I was fishing he had hook up after hook up. It was unbelievable, I had to switch to a top water fly as well. Top water bass fishing is almost as exciting as it can get. You can't predict when a fish is going to strike but it's always when you least expect it. This is usually how it goes, you cast out make a few strips nothing, your fly line is wrapped around your foot, you got to fix it, STRIKE! You make a couple casts get nothing, your friend says something to you and you look over to answer, STRIKE! You cast out notice some movement by you feet, look down and see a 2ft water snake, STRIKE! Bring in some line figure the fly is too close to shore go to lift the line, STRIKE! This is seriously how it was all night. Luckily the water snake part only happened once. We had several doubles and before we left I was able to entice a gill with a top water fly. It was an evening to remember for sure.


  1. Those fishing trips are the greatest! Thanks for the report.

  2. Looks like another sweet night on the water. I think I will have to go hit up a pond down the road. Trout season closes for the week, so it looks like poppers and streamers for me. Nice fish.