Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crackers in Bass

My buddy told me about a hot spot where there are a bunch of Shell Crackers. I had never caught one in the body of water we discussed so I was eager to check it out. He wasn't kidding! The shell crackers were there and they were BIG! Feisty too. I've decided I hate my Olympus WP550. It takes horrible pictures but great underwater video.

Here was the best picture I could muster with it. The lighting wasn't very good but still this is very poor for a modern digital camera. Maybe it was user error.The gills were just as big as the crackers and I had fun just catching fish after fish. They all went after a fly that is basically Chenille and rubber legs. I caught a few bass too. They were mostly close to shore. Inches away to be exact. There were a couple that took some fancy casts. There was a fish in the shade that was the biggest bass I have caught in this lake. I figure the fish was around 3lbs or under. It was a lot fatter than the pic makes it look. Or maybe my brain just wants to remember it that way. This lake is really bipolar. In the late spring early summer you can't find a better place to fish. Any other time of the year the fishing is just ho-hum. I'm not sure what causes that. I don't really care as long as I can enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. looks like a good time to me...

  2. I'm new to Olympus cameras. I have a stylus tough 3000. For a few weeks I couldn't figure out why my photos were so terrible. Turns out my "settings" were being defaulted back to a manual mode every time I powered off. There's a setting to have it stick. It still isn't great with glare or low light. Hopefully this helps. Oh yeah, nice fish!

  3. I'll look into it Fish Whisperer that could be what's happening. Thanks