Monday, April 18, 2011


On Saturday a Tornado came with in miles of my home. The news tracked the storm very well. The most intense time was when my family was watching the news and a funnel cloud was spotted close by then our power went out. My wife sat up by the bathroom with the new baby waiting to see if she'd have to jump in the bath tub. I kept my eyes and ears open for flying debris and anything that seems really abnormal. I tried not to act to different so my daughter wouldn't get scared. She can pick up on things really well. She was oblivious to what was going on and had fun trying to blow out the candles we were lighting. The storm missed us with little damage. What was crazy is how much damage the storm did to downtown Raleigh. Here is a video of the funnel cloud moving in.My family was downtown just a few hours prior for an Earth Day Festival. God was looking out for everyone there. It would have been horrible if this came through while the festival was going on.

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  1. Talk about a little to close for comfort. Tornadoes are one of those natural disasters that are very unpredictable. Glad family is safe.