Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gills you can lip

You know a sunfish is a good size if you can lip it. A friend invited me to a pond where he said there are huge bluegill. He showed me the location before hand and when I first viewed it via google maps I figured it was going to be a nasty rancid smelly type pond. It was quite the opposite. The water was clear and had looked almost pristine. It wasn't the type of gill water I'm used too. I didn't see any craters that signify the sunfish had started bedding. The shallows seemed to be a shelf that dropped off immediately. The water was very dark and it made the bottom invisible to make out. I cast a couple times at a log then I saw a shadow come up and inspect my fly. It was the usual shape of a gill and it sucked the fly in. After it turned and I saw the bright flash of orange and the mass of the fish I could see it was a good size.The fish wasn't really long but it was tall and fat. One of the biggest gills I have caught in awhile. I caught a couple more but the bite slowed down after that. There were fish busting shad in the shallows but I couldn't get them to hit anything I was throwing. The weather was at the peak of a high pressure system. I caught a few much bigger than the one in the picture. The pond was also full of grass carp. I tried casting at a few but they weren't interested. I mostly just spooked them and saw their mud cloud as they bolted into deeper water. This pond is way to good to only fish once. I'll definitely be back.


  1. Its always nice to lay into some huge gills. I usually always catch the tiny little guys.Oh well. Nice PIc.

  2. Big foam beetles in a size #6 or #4 work very well for grass carp. If you can get the fly to make a really loud plop when it hits the water, prefferably 1-2 feet in front of the fish. Most of the time they will come up and give it a look, and sometimes you will be lucky enough to get one to eat it. Some days are incredible, and the next day could be terrible, so don't be discouraged if they don't cooperate.