Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bass of a Lifetime

So my friend is all excited and tells me to check my e-mail. He said he caught a good bass the other day. I open the e-mail and all I see at first is caught this bass on a 5wt. I thought, what's so big about that? Then I look at the pictures and my friend is 6'3-6'4 and this large mouth almost blocks out his torso.My jaw almost hit the desk then I asked all the questions you're not really supposed to ask as a respectable fisherman. What did you catch it on? Where was this at? I had lost all reason and proper fisherman etiquette. I wanted to catch a fish like that NOW! He told me the general location and I'm sure after he fishes the pond a few more times he might invite me over. The fly was a creation he tied on his own. Mainly consisting of zonker strips and rubber legs. The fish was weighed and went 10.2lbs. That's by far the biggest bass I've seen caught on a fly rod.It really was the bass of a lifetime.
What I really like about this is it proves you can catch big bass with flies. I think there is some ideology that "yeah you can catch bass on a fly rod but not big ones." This proves that is incorrect.


  1. First of all,"HOLY $h!t" That is a mega bass. HUGE bass, Huge smile. All is right. NICE fish fly rod or any rod for that matter. WOW

  2. that's what we like to see...congrats...