Sunday, March 14, 2010

Local Ponds

I have really been blessed to live in such close proximity to Ponds. There is one in particular that I have taken for granted. I met with someone to give some fly fishing tips last weekend and in the hour of messing around I was able to hook a bass. The weather has warmed up some but I'd still say it's on the chilly side. This weekend was kind of a let down. I was going to Boone first then a storm changed my plans. Inches of rain dropped in the mtns and my brother in law told me the rivers were flooded to the point they were dangerous. Even in Raleigh there was quite a bit of rain. I was going to try for shad since my Boone trip was canceled but the rivers were too swollen. The rain subsided today and I decided to try my luck at the local pond. There was a chill in the air and I didn't have much time to fish. The places where you can fish in general seemed limited. There was dock type area that seemed to be the best place. I cast in my trusty white bugger and while retreiving I swore I saw a few flashes. Usually from a fish trying to hit the fly and just missing. On my second cast I slowed my retreival and was rewarded with a little brim. My expectations rose until people decided to come watch me fish.

I don't mind people watching but what I do mind is them letting their kids get in direct line with my back cast. I had to do some fancy manuvouring so I didn't get a bugger in the back of some kids heads. It started to become so annoying I called it a night. I have a hard time in those situations. Part of me wants to tell the kids to back off the other part wants me to be nice and hope the kids think what I'm doing is cool and will want to fly fish when they get the chance. Another option is talking to the parents and the last resort is letting one of my flies stick a kid in the head. That's one way they'll learn right?

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  1. Try not to stick the kids in the back of the head is always the cool, rational way of handling it.

    When people get too close to my back cast, I just tell them that they're in the way -- politely -- and even the dumbest kid will move. But mostly I address the parents.

    Good post. Thank you!