Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Hunt for White Bass

A freind invited me to go in his boat on the Eno River. There were reports of a bass run that has been picking up. We got to the boat ramp at around 10am and we weren't the only ones enjoying the first 60 degree day in months. Trucks were lining up to put in the water and even after we had launched other trucks were getting in line. The river was pretty murky but you could still see several feet. The level of the water had dropped considerably from a few weeks prior. Signs of the high water stained the trees.

There were so many boats it was slow go finding a spot away from others. The fish finder pinged several times and we found a spot and made some casts towards shore. After a few several casts my buddy was able to hook up with a nice crappie. He continued to catch fish now and then. The key was to get the flies down to the bottom without getting them hung up. There were plenty of places to snag your line. The river was clogged with logs and submerged trunks. Eventually after trying several tactics I was able to catch a fat little bass. I didn't get many more fish after that. The fishing was pretty slow all day. We saw some other people using bait that seemed to catch fish consistantly. None of the fish were huge. It seems the run is just beginning and it will only get better. We called it a day and looked forward to more productive times on the Eno and warmer weather.

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