Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fishing at Lunch

The thing I love about where I work is that I can fish at lunch. The ponds aren't big but they provide a nice get away from the rat race. Today was extra special because the winter has kept the fishing pretty slow in these ponds. After a few casts today, I knew not only the weather was heating up.I didn't see any surface activity but minnows huddled in the shallows. A few strips past them and this bass was produced. I caught a couple more bass then made my way to the other side of the pond. After almost getting my back cast stacked up and getting my fly caught on my back, I ducked and was able to sling it over my head. While taking up the slack line and starting my first strip I felt resistance. I lifted my rod and saw a big silver shape silouhette under the water. It looked like a really big bass but didn't fight like one. The fish made a few runs and gave a pretty good tug on my 4wt. When I got the fish near the surface I could tell it was a crappie. Pretty good size too.This is probably one of the largest I have caught so far. I went back to work re-energized and looking forward to warmer weather and even better fishing. No sign of the carp today. I'll be targeting them this year.

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