Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carp For Lunch

I decided to try the pond near work again today. I didn't expect much because we've had recent storms. I decided to stop by Bojangles before heading over. Preston called me while I was waiting to get my food and said two carp were feeding in the shallows. I quickly made my order to go and scarfed down my cajun filet biscuit on the ride back. When I went to the pond the water looked calm and I couldn't see any activity.

Preston said he thought the carp may be gone. I rigged up a nice olive wooly bugger making good use of the Orvis $10 20fly selection I bought recently. There was a nice film of pollen on the water which made the clarity horrible. I could see what looked to be a carp in the shadows but couldn't make out which way it was facing. Finally it showed itself in the sun. I made a decent cast but it didn't seem interested. While trying to make another cast my line got tangled in a tree behind me. While getting it loose I saw another carp swim right by me close to shore. I held still and watched as the beast came into the shallows and slowly disappeared in the murky water. The pollen seemed to be disguising me and these carp seemed hungry. I made several casts to the looming shadows that would show themselves here and there. Preston saw a fish in the shade and I made my cast in that direction.

A few quick strips later my line jerked and severe tension was put on my 5wt. Here was my next dilemma my 5wt has a broken crank on the reel. So I have no way to play the fish on the reel. I tried using my palm but watched helplessly as my line descended further and further down my rod. It took less than a minute to get to my backing and within another minute the backing STOPPED! I had nothing left, I tried feverishly to wind the reel slapping it with my palm since there was no crank to wind the line back in. Eventually I was like screw it and started stripping line with my hand. I was able to find a happy medium of stripping line and letting it slide threw my hand and the rod. I saw my backing come through the guides then my line. I breathed a sigh of relief but I still had to get this monster over to the bank. The rest of the fight that in sued is in the video below.


  1. sweet video man! after I caught my first one, it was all I could think about for something like 3 months. you should get that real fixed!

  2. I am jealous. I am still searching for my first Carp on a fly. I cast to a few the other night, but could not get a take.

    Great video - looks like it is time for a new reel!