Thursday, April 2, 2009

At Least I'm Fishing....

I finally had my Weldon Shad Fishing Experience. I have heard about this place for years and was eager to try it. Preston recently got a sweet flats boat and this was it's maiden voyage. It's been out on a lake a few times but never on an official fishing trip. We got on the water at about 11in the morning, apparently the water was about 15ft or so above normal.The Roanoke River reminded me of the Neuse. It's color was a murky brown with a visibility of about 2ft. We started hitting the banks casting here and there. We talked to fisherman as we passed. A few had caught some, but more said they had been skunked. We came to a spot where we saw one boat catching fish consistantly. We threw various flies but Preston was the only one who managed to hook up. We started to try a different spot when the boat sputtered then died. I saw the look on Preston's face that said it all. Our fishing trip was most likely over. After several attempts to restart the boat we decided it wasn't gonna start, dropped anchor and waited for someone to give us a tow. We ran into a Guide we had previously used to for a Red Drum fishing trip. His name was Dean Lamonte. He was nice enough to get contant another boat with a big engine to tow us up stream. It was a dissapointing way to end the day but I'm glad we got to fish for a couple hours.

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  1. At least you are getting out some. It is tough with a young one.

    The only time I got into Shad was a few years ago in Northern California. We had a guide, and it was a slow day. But about the last two hours of the day was solid fish. We probably had 50-60 fish to the boat. What a great day!