Monday, April 27, 2009

Airshow 2009

I went to the Airshow this weekend. The Airshow is something I think everyone should check out at least once in their life. It is pretty amazing to see some of our military jets peforming special maneauvers. It's the very least people can do to show support for our armed forces. The show displays different aspects of the military and how jets are used for special functions. I've heard people use the excuse you've seen one Airshow you've seen them all. I started to beleive this philosophy. This Airshow put those theories to rest. There was a small dramatization and re-enactment of Pearl Harbor. I've never seen Japanese Zero's fly so it was pretty neat to see them. The re-enactment was bitter sweet. It was cool to see the planes fly and watch the explosions but hearing the announcer go over the horrorifying events that happened during Pearl Harbor was emotional.There was another demonstration that I've never seen before. There was a combined air combat demo. F15's and F16 simulated a air combat. The F15's launched real flares.I've never seen this before. It was pretty amazing and added another element to the awesome flying.

The end spotlighted on the Blue Angels. These were the main superstars of my airshows back home in San Diego.They flew basically the same show I've seen before. I never get tired of it. They never disappoint to entertain.

This flight focus's on the technological advances of the airforce. The P51 and the F15. Obtaining air superiority for over 40yrs. If you haven't gone to an airshow, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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  1. I was there also that weekend...I agree, something everyone should experience. The Pearl Harbor recreation was well played out. I'll definately be back in 2011.