Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Putting to Work the Allen 6wt

 Allen Fly Fishing has a BOGO deal going on right now. I took the opportunity to get a 6wt Compass and 5wt Heritage Rod. The compass has a very pretty Carolina blue color. 

The 6wt feels stout and it can get away with working as a 7wt if needed. It's perfect for that gap where you want something for fish larger than trout but smaller than carp. 

I tried it out at a local pond and hooked a decent bass that gave me an idea of what the rod can handle. 

I was impressed at how easy it was to keep pressure on the fish. The rod definitely wasn't horsing or overpowering the fish but it kept me in constant control. I like rods where if you lose a fish you can only blame yourself and this is definitely one of those. It will give me confidence in many of the waters I fish where a hit may hook a panfish, bass, or carp. I'm excited to see what else this rod can do it casts like a dream due to the large guides. 

I'll let you know the Heritage 5wt is after I try it. I'm going to the Rockies again this summer and I plan on bringing this rod. 


  1. Kevin
    The 5 wt. would be a great fly rod for some of those brown trout there. Like the fly reel you have paired with the fly rod. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bill, The reel is a Martin Mountain Brook. I'll probably try the 5wt out on a local river next weekend. I'm hosting a outing for my local TU Chapter.

  2. hello and thanks for your blog - did you get a chance to fish the Heritage?
    please let us know your thoughts. they look like beautiful rods.