Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cody Wyoming

God, Country, Family, Rodeo. That's Cody Wyoming's motto and after staying in Cody and attending the rodeo I can believe it. It's a must do if you're ever visiting this town. It's fun for the whole family. My kids had an absolute blast and even got in on the action. 
The rodeo has always fascinated me. It's where man and beast work together or against one another depending on the circumstances.
Women look just as tough as the dudes and there's an intensity watching this live that can't really be matched with other events.
These people risk their lives on a weekly basis to do the thing they love for hardly any money at all.
It has to be a hard life living in the rodeo scene but all the people that were participating genuinely loved it. 
 The audience sits on the edge of their seat most of the night and it was fun to see the kids get involved.
They had an event where the kids tried to get a flag that was tied to a calve's tail. You might think to yourself poor calf but compared to some of these kids the calf probably had an advantage. I was surprised that in a time where people can be so litigious they'd let something like this happen. The calves and kids were fine and everyone had a good time. 


  1. Very cool pictures of the rodeo, and fun for the kids. We missed the Cody buckaroos, but found a good place on the east side for burgers and local brews.

  2. Kevin
    Cody is one place that I wouldn't mind living in if my wife and I were younger. The clean town, rodeo, and of course the awesome looking streams near the town itself. We were there in 2015 sorry I didn't get to fish some of the trout streams while there; fly fishing is big in Cody---thanks for sharing

    1. The fly shop I went to in town wasn't very friendly. To be fair though I think the guy working had a long day. Seemed to be tired of the people asking about fishing Yellowstone. There are awesome streams near by and my wife did look into real estate while we were out there. What interesting is the town gets less snow than Denver even though it's close to the same elevation.

  3. Cody is pretty fun. The rodeo looked like an awesome time - and some really fine action photography BTW.

  4. It's a blessing to live out West. There aren't many places out here that don't have rodeos, cowboys and cowgirls doing their thing in the summer. Glad you had a chance to experience Cody, it's a beautiful place. Great job on the photos!