Thursday, August 16, 2018

I Heart Boone

There's a small but growing town tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina. Most people only know of it because of its college Appalachian State. There is a lot more to this place than just a college town. The location is a tiny paradise for outdoor recreation. Fishing, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, take your pick. All can be done in this area. The location of the town isn't super convenient. It's a 2hr drive to the closest metropolitan city but that only adds to the charm of this mountain town. When you get there you can't be in a hurry and while exploring you'll be happy you're taking your time. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs along the edge of town with spectacular views, small lakes, streams, and of course the explosion of color in autumn. The great thing about Boone is although it's bustling in town it doesn't take much to get away from the crowds. Travel 10miles in any direction and you can find a secluded piece of paradise all to yourself. There's one I visit often and I rarely see a sign of another human. 
Even though I'm alone I feel nature is my companion and I find her very entertaining.
 My only fear is that one day this place will be corrupted by greed.
I try to show my kids the wonders of this area and instill the importance of these places for our mental well being. In an ideal situation they can come here years later and have the same experiences I've had.
Until then I heart Boone.


  1. Jealous. Might hit a blue line one day. Almost looks tropical.

    1. Funny you say that. Boone is located in an area with temperate rainforest.
      The rhododendron gets so thick on the trail at times you have to remove your sunglasses and you almost feel like you need a flashlight. There's actually moths flying around and crickets chirping like it's night time.

  2. Boone is a certainly a gem.
    Looks like you've found some fantastic solitude & fishing.

    The Appalachian Mountain Brewery ain't too shabby either.

    1. I've heard that place is good. I still haven't been there.

  3. Kevin after reading this post I to heart Boone.
    This is a true classic thin blue line. Your fears of it becoming something else hopefully will never take place, and your grand children can experience what you and your children have.