Friday, February 8, 2019

Spring Like Temps

80 degrees today and it was too nice to not get out. I went to one of my favorite spots for lunch and the fishing was slow but I did get one good one.
So nice to get out and cast a line again. I was in such a hurry I missed a guide when setting up the rod. 


  1. Very nice. Hope that groundhog keeps honest on his promise of an early spring. So far so good...

  2. Kevin
    The guide thing is so frustrating when making that first cast, knowing you need to thread it but want to continue fishing. Nice crappie what did you take it on? Thanks for sharing

    1. I caught it on a small kreelex fly. I tie it on a size 8 hook specifically for them. I can't say it works better than a clouser or other things I've tied. I like it because it's easy to tie and seems to work more often than not.