Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Treat Your Fly Rod Like A Gun

I love reading articles about improving my fly fishing game. The site RandRflyfishing offers several articles. Catch More Trout: Treat Your Fly Rod As If It Were A Gun is one of my favorites. The main thing I love about these articles is the tips are easy to remember and explained well.

"A hunter never shoots his rifle at random, only to be surprised that he hit something. A fly fisher should be the same way. It’s a simple concept, almost too simple, but only cast the fly when you think you’ll get a strike" -

That's such great advice and it's amazing how many of us don't follow this. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lazy and just cast to spots because they were easy or there was water there. They probably weren't the best lies for trout and I was most likely spooking better water by casting in these areas.

"Most anglers see a pod of rising trout as a sure thing. The best way to fish over a group of fish is to pick one and fish to it." -

This seems obvious but many times when I see rising fish I get excited and cast into the mass of rises. I'm sure this spooks half the fish and I would be better off going for one of the rising fish. 

If you find these little tips helpful I recommend checking out the article on their site as well as several others they have. It really is a great resource.


  1. Kevin
    I have done some of the exact things that are mentioned in this article. Becoming impatience can be a killer when fly fishing as I have found out number of times. I am in complete agreement with the statement, put yourself in position before you cast. Great article---thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Kevin. Good common sense advice that I often overlook.