Monday, May 27, 2013

C'mon Howler Bros

What is this Ad supposed to mean exactly? Be a man and squeeze the crap out of a fish?
At least it's just a bream right? I hope this was a publicity stunt to have people like me get irritated and help promote this ad by re-posting it. I can't see any other positive reason to have a pic like this. Either way I won't ever buy or recommend Howler Bros products again.


  1. After our discussion, I can see what you were upset about. WTH? Of course I'm sure there will be plenty of apologists among the FF crowd as Howler seems to reward the faithful followers.

  2. It looks like the dude is holding a Hawaiian sling-style spear in his other hand and I think those are sea oats and palm trees to his right. I'm guessing he speared this saltwater fish and is going to eat it.

    If that dude just speared a lionfish, he's A-OK in my book. Given his grip, however, I don't think it is.

  3. As I see more and more flyfishing ads come out these days I have to wonder just what kind of douches these companies are targeting. I get that the younger crowd may appreciate some of it more than my old ass does , but come on , some of that shit does more to push me away from the product than draw me in!

  4. Howard, I'm glad you can see where I'm coming from now.

    Brent, I don't really care what kind of fishing you're doing. If you kill a fish to eat it that's fine. How you do that I can have issues with but it is my own opinion. To celebrate the act of killing and promote it as if to say it is fun and part of your natural instinct is not cool with me. I'm not trying to be over dramatic but it is thoughts like that which have erradicated species to the brink of extinction. Will Howlers Ad start making people kill all the fish they catch and squash them to try to look cool? Definitely not, I just don't like the fact that they are promoting this type of behavior.

    HighPlains, I can't agree more. That's my main issue. Some one had to approve this Ad. I'm sure it had to be seen by quite a few folks before being posted. That's why I blame the company as a whole.