Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rod Case of Fame

Most of all the stickers and decals I get go on my 8wt Rod Case. I like to call it the Rod Case of Fame.
I am a huge fan of ExOfficio. I like how you can wear their apparel on the stream and also to work. Their flannel shirts are super warm and do a good job of blocking wind. In the past I always thought of Orvis as that snobby expensive fly fishing store. I have to admit they are expensive but they also offer free classes for anyone interested in fly fishing or tying. Their attempts at getting new people into the sport of fly fishing has won me over in the last few years. The last NC fish sticker was made by a friend.
Although I've never used CCG I thought the design was badass. I have also seen what this stuff can do. I'm going to get a kit eventually it's just a matter of time.
No introductions really needed here.
In the Riffle has been gaining huge popularity lately. The site has great fly tying videos. Their prices on materials, flies and gear are great. Southern Culture On the Fly has become a popular online magazine that features tiers, guides and fishermen from the southern region.
The Olive Wooly Bugger book series is great for kids or anyone who has an interest in fly fishing. I did a review of the books last year.
I would be interested in other creative ideas of how people use the decals they get.


  1. Good use of the Aluminum cases stacked in the corner. Hadn't thought of that. Anyway, my stickers have pretty well consumed my fly tying desk and wall area set aside in my Rainbow Chaser Headquarters.

  2. Mine are mostly on my tying bench but I reserve a few special ones for my vehicle except Rodney Hawg-Brown...he's on my toilet.

  3. I need to get you some Revive stickers...