Thursday, March 14, 2013

That Magic Time

Bob Clouser made a point at the NC Fly Show to talk about his favorite time to fish. He called it that Magic Time. In the morning before the sun comes up or at dusk right before it gets dark. You know this time because the water has a silver sheen to it.  Bob went on to say that during this time you can almost throw anything and the fish will jump on it. This moment only lasts so long.

A friend and I hit a mtn stream yesterday and we were lucky enough to experience Magic Time. Let me tell you it was by far one of the most fun experiences I have had. What made it even better is we were using streamers. The fish were coming after the flies so hard you would see a wake then have your line shoot across the water. Many fish were overly aggressive and missed the fly entirely. All you saw was a head with a big splash and a tail slap. Just like Bob said this only lasted about an hour and once it was too dark to see your fly it was over. Any time you can get out and fish is great but nothing really beats that Magic Time of day.


  1. Kevin
    I just have to fish more streamers this year. I totally agree about the magic time, it has always been my most productive time of the day. Beautiful trout. Congrats

  2. Impressive trout in the net, Kevin. I agree with the "Magic Time" theory. Just getting the timing down is the challenge for each water you fish.

  3. Any time the fly hits the water is magic time.

  4. Hey Kevin, nice fish. We have a couple of magic days coming up here in Colorado. Temps in the 70s. I hope to see some magic fish.

  5. Bill, thanks for the comment.

    Rainbow Chaser, I have only hit it a couple times. I'd really like to hit that time of day when fishing for bass.

    Brk Trt, So true!

    Howard, We keep getting teased with days like that. We'll have a build up of warm days then it goes back to freezing. I hate it.