Saturday, March 16, 2013

She's A Natural

When ever I go fishing lately my daughter always asks if she can go. Today I took her out for the first time and we had a blast. She had no problem reeling fish in and it won't be long until she's casting. She talked about touching the fish and I wondered what woud happen once the fish was in front of her. There was no hesitation she picked it up as soon as the fish hit the shore.
We caught a few more gills and I was really happy she noticed more than just the fish. She played in the flowers and watched the turtles and geese for awhile. It was a little bit of a struggle to get her to go home. I have my new favorite fishing buddy.


  1. Kevin
    So proud of you for carrying your daughter out for a fishing trip. This brings back some fond memories of when my daughter and I would go fishing on Smith. I will carrying my grandson fishing in April for the first time. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing

  2. Plus, all your fish will look bigger when she holds them!

  3. She looks like a natural. Did you show her how to comb that back down so she didn't stick her hands with one of those spines?

  4. Bill, I look forward to your review of that trip.

    Brk Trt, thanks!

    Greg B, I agree. That gill she's holding was pretty big though.

    Rainbow Chaser, I did talk to her about the spines. I don't know if she really understood. I'm not sure she understood how dangerous the hook was either until she hooked herself. It wasn't bad and it didn't go passed the point really. It was enough to scare her and let her know it hurts.

  5. Nice fattie. Waters are just warming up here.