Monday, February 6, 2012

Picky Pickerel

Yesterday I hit a stream that is known for having good populations of pickerel. This day was the first time I really felt like it was winter. It was in the low 40's and dreary. Everything was gray and dull but had its own beauty. The creek always has an emerald color too it and against the gray sky it stood out a little more.
The fish were definitely there but they weren't very aggressive. I found that the wire leader I was using was turning the fish off. Once I removed the wire I seemed to get more action. The bad part was I only had 10lb test and these fish eat that for breakfast. I lost two flies on two consecutive casts. I would strip the line a few times there would be a little resistance then just slack. After trying different combinations I eventually packed it in and enjoyed the hike. Each season in the south has its own beauty.
The rain held off and even though everything was wet and the leaves made the trail slippery I didn't mind. It was good to be out exploring and every turn had more scenery.
Until next time....


  1. Great pics. Fish or no fish that sounds like a nice peaceful way to spend the day. Damn those sharp teeth ;) Tight Lines.

  2. That last photo is wonderful.
    Love it.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Brk Trt, I like that pic a lot too. The trail was a lot darker and more Tim Burtonish but I like how the picture turned out.

  4. Kev
    Those are some awesome images, especailly the stream. These kind of images is what makes being outdoors rewarding. Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice post, nice pics. Makes me want to start cleaning the lines for 2012!

  6. Kevin, when you're fishing somewhere as beautiful as in your photos a bad day of fishing sometimes just doesn't matter.